Spec-Ops T.H.E. Mamba Sling - Spec-Ops
Spec-Ops T.H.E. Mamba Sling
Average Rating: Average Rating: 4.5 Stars

Universal design that fits most conventional weapons.
User Reviews
Rating: 4.5 Stars
Very cool sling. Picked one up from here almost a year ago and have been using it since. Its incredibly universal and fits everything with little effort. You can set it up in any format imaginable. Single point, wolf hook, two point, three point, and on a collapsible, fixed, or even a folding stock. To fit in in three point on a fixed stock or one without the m4 style sling slit in the stock you need to use the included fixed stock attachment point. There is a short bungee section to the rear that is extremely comfortable around the back of your neck and has a good thee inches of give to it. It works very well for quick beveled tactical muzzle brake/flash hider or bayonet thrusts to get attackers to back away rapidly. As a big guy the sling also fits very well. In any configuration I find that it has more than enough length to get completely around my frame and still leave me room to move the weapon around. The three point configuration is extremely good at retention if someone is trying to rip the weapon away. Two point can be set up into a rather nice shooting sling that allows for decent arm wraps. While it doesnt have as much stability as the m1907 slings the mamba works quite well for non competition/sniper use. If you just plinking or even doing some room clearing in a military unit it will work great. The nylon is incredibly resilient to snags and wear. I suspect that any remotely sharp issued military blade or bayonet will make short work of it though. It almost exclusively uses high impact resistent polymers for the quick release buckle and the keepers. The keepers stay in place very well even with some good abuse. The buckle is also very solid. I took a hammer to mine and it just bounced around without releasing or cracking very resilient stuff. The only metal in the sling are two steel slider rings used for the three point configuration. They are phosphate coated and dont make a lot of noise unless they tap against the receiver of whatever rifle your using. A little bit of duct tape and five minutes fixes that. Swapping between configurations is quite easy and quick once you have tried it once or twice. The only issue at all I have with this sling is the price. 60 bucks is a little steep and for that I wont give it a full 5 stars. For a tactical nylon sling id be much more comfortable around 40. If I were to spend that much again I would definitely be picking up a Turner M1907 sling. I have it in black and it regularly rides on my Rock River Elite Operator 2 and my full size fixed stock DSA FAL. Very cool and super flexible sling. The ability to take it off and throw it on any rifle I please regardless of what stock it has is the kicker that I really love this sling for.
Steve - November 17, 2012