Streamlight Sidewinder Tactical Flashlight - Streamlight
Streamlight Sidewinder Tactical Flashlight
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Tactical Flashlight provides essential light for any search mission!
User Reviews
Excellent Flashlight!
Rating: 5.0 Stars
OK, so there is some confusion. You get a sportsman version and a military version. The differences? The sportsman version has the Streamlight logo on the turn knob. It does not have the IR LED and when you turn the light on, it is at it's brightest level and decreases when you hold the button. The military version has letters on the turn knob that indicates the colour. It has a IR LED and when you turn the light on, it is at it's lowest light intensity and goes brighter when you hold the knob, which is better for military use. Both are EXCELLENT for their individual application.
JL - March 15, 2012

Awesome light
Rating: 5.0 Stars
Carried this thing in Iraq, but more suprising is that i has survived two years my 5 yo son and 9 yo daughter. they have dropped it in water and left it on for days at a time. once fell out of the blazer at 40 mph. Had the top off and son was using it to look at ground from the back seat, next i hear, dad i dropped your light. turned around and found it after we turned off car lights and there it was in the weeds still illumicated. My wife uses it in the mornings on her runs as a warning strobe. Cant say enough good things about this light. The one con, the IR illuminator is many times less than what is provided on the nods, issued vision devices you are issued, that i nice since there are times you only need enough illum to look at something within arms reach.
merrill - November 3, 2011

handy light
Rating: 5.0 Stars
one tough light ijust bought one and have it on my bunker coat very handy and in a smoked house works very well
robert - May 4, 2008