ESS ICE-2X Naro Eyeshields - ESS
ESS ICE-2X Naro Eyeshields
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Designed specifically for smaller faces, the ICE-2X Naro offers an unrestricted field of view with an improved fit for headborne equipment and increased ease of temple adjustment and lens interchange.
User Reviews
best glasses ever
Rating: 5.0 Stars
while on tour in Iraq I picked up a set of these at the PX. the best glasses I've ever used, I'm on my 2nd set now only because they got very scratched up (happens after 2 years of use) ill continue buying these till they stop making them. SPC. D. Pepiton
David - January 27, 2010

Great glasses
Rating: 5.0 Stars
These are fantastic for the range and for work. On my job I have to wear safety glases these double as good sunglasses. As a truck driver, I have to have good shades these fit the bill! I've started OPERATION T-GIFT to supply ESS glasses for a 4th I D Platoon in Iraq. If interested in helping please e-mail me at 98peterbilt, at sign, Thanks!
Pat - February 3, 2008