Dakota Tough Compass Clip - Dakota
Dakota Tough Compass Clip
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It’s all about accessibility with this clip. You can refer to it as a digital compass, alarm, desk clock, watch or stopwatch. But whatever you call it, this timepiece has one purpose and one purpose only -- to keep your most important essentials at your fingertips.
User Reviews
Good watch
Rating: 5.0 Stars
Unlike the previous reviewer, I have had no trouble with the attachment. In fact, when trying to remove the watch from its mounting, to replace the battery after seven years, It took some effort to extricate it from the mount. Excellent readability and ease of use. My only complaint is that the alarm is almost inaudible. Granted, I am a bit hard of hearing, but this is really quiet.
Brian - August 28, 2014

Rating: 1.0 Stars
The clip where it attaches to the watch is very very weak. They use a standard watch rod to attach the clip to the watch. Not durable. Broke twice in Iraq and finally lost it on the way back from R&R in Kuwait. The watch itself is great but you'll lose it if you place it on a belt loop or vest.
Jeffrey - September 3, 2010