Propper Mens Air Force ABU Trousers - Propper
Propper Mens Air Force ABU Trousers
Average Rating: Average Rating: 3.5 Stars

The Propper Mens Air Force ABU Trousers offer low-maintenance durability and features the new pixelated tiger-stripe pattern approved by the government.
User Reviews
Not fully ready to change
Rating: 3.0 Stars
I have purchased 2 sets of these and regret doing so. First, they do not fit comfortably like the BDU's (crotch way to low). Second, they are very hot...much hotter than our Winter weights. I will wear these again when it is fully required. I am sticking with my BDU's!
Ronald - August 24, 2008

Colors are not matching
Rating: 2.5 Stars
I order a shirt a while back and just received the trousers in the mail. The shirt is mostly a green tone but the trousers are closer to a brown tone. There is no way I can wear these two together. What gives?
Doug - January 6, 2008

Works great
Rating: 5.0 Stars
Ive bought two sets within the past month and both have been as advertised. they are a bit on the heavy side but they still function well. Ive already wore them during NVG ops and they work well. we even took a side by side picture with someone who had a starched uniform and we were a lot more subdued. Great Product!!will by again once the sizes become available. Jason
Jason - October 29, 2007

Rating: 5.0 Stars
I was really curious how the ABU was so I ordered a pair. The pants are extremely long and I only ordered a regular. Compared to my regular BDU pants where the crotch was where it was supposed to be, the ABU seemed low. I was able to pull these almost to my chest. Also seemed heavier then the winter weight BDUs. I work in the heat, I'm not sure if I will be able to wear these.
Jess - September 5, 2007