Reebok 8 In. Waterproof/Insulated Boot w/Side Zipper - Reebok
Reebok 8 In. Waterproof/Insulated Boot w/Side Zipper
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All-weather foot protection in a higher rise.
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Walking on stones!
Rating: 1.0 Stars
I've been on the job 18 years and have almost always worn Matterhorns. My new assignment has me on foot alot so I wanted a lighter boot that wouldn't tired mt feet out. These boots are light but they are the worst boots I have ever owned including off duty boots. I've worn them about 5 8hr shifts. The results... 1) The flap of material behind the zipper rubbed the ankles raw. 2) The insoles were so uncomfortable that I bought different insoles by day 3. 3) And finally the deciding factor was the blisters left behind on the tops of my toes the last two days of wearing them. Enough said, these boots look good sitting on the shelf and thats where they need to stay!
Tim - January 19, 2009