Reebok 6 In. Rapid Response Boot w/Side Zipper - Reebok
Reebok 6 In. Rapid Response Boot w/Side Zipper
Average Rating: Average Rating: 4.5 Stars

A low six-inch rise and designed for the on-the-go responder with its quick and easy-to-use side zipper.
User Reviews
Rating: 5.0 Stars
I just got them today 4/17/12 and so far is everything I expected them to be! Thanx to the officer above for his accurate review over the performance, look, and feel of the boots. About the toungue sticking out and you having to readjust them, I don't have that problem cause my pants are always longer than usual, so pretty much I'm cover there... Overall, great boots, give them a shot and you won't be disappointed...
Ronald - April 17, 2012

Great boot, except zipper
Rating: 4.5 Stars
When I ordered this boot, the zipper broke in less than 90 days. US Cav replaced fairly fast. Now after wearing them for 2 years, everyday, the zipper broke again. I will order the same boot again, because once on, they fir and fell GREAT. Only problem, making them tight enough to be comfortable, but loose enough so zipper does not break. I retightened them, thus causing the PLASTIC zipper to fail.
Bryon - April 3, 2012

Great boots.
Rating: 5.0 Stars
I have this boots for 8 months now and no problems with material or comfort. Just like wearing tennis shoes and the soles have a great grip that comes in handy when you get on a foot pursuit in all type of terrains. The only problem I have is that the boot's tongue sticks out from the top and when I get out of my patrol car I have to re-adjust the bottom of my pants. If you don't like that I recommend getting the 8 inch ones. Other than that, awesome boots for the price.
William - October 11, 2008