Carson TrailFinder 10 x 25 Binocular - Carson
Carson TrailFinder 10 x 25 Binocular
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Serves as two pieces of field equipment with a built-in digital compass that tells you in which direction you are looking.
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Rating: 1.0 Stars
I was looking for a simple pocket binocular when I stumbled on this item. The idea of a built-in digital compass (as a backup) was intriguing. When I opened the box, one of the rear lens caps popped off. With some precision screw drivers I repaired it. When I looked through the binos the first thing I realized was the glass looked foggy and it was difficult to see (on a clear sunny day). The compass also didn't work as it was off by as much as 90degrees. Look elsewhere and don't buy this item.
David - March 24, 2009