Hatch Winter Specialist Neoprene Glove - Hatch
Hatch Winter Specialist Neoprene Glove
Average Rating: Average Rating: 5 Stars

Ideal for winter weather handgun use and all-day wear, the Hatch Winter Specialist Neoprene Gloves sports a snug, comfortable fit that has made them a favorite choice of law enforcement professionals.
User Reviews
Great Gloves To Shoot and Wear to PT
Rating: 5.0 Stars
Nice black gloves that can be worn to PT formations as the manufacturers were smart in putting no gaudy logos on the gloves. I've seen many soldiers told to take their gloves off because of that. I also like them because they're padded very well in the palms, and makes doing push-ups in gravel not such a chore. I will say that if you hike or do any kind of physical activity you could find yourself overheating with these on, but I've only ever experience this once, and that was during a six mile battalion run when I was forced to keep ALL of my cold weather gear on. Shooting wise, these gloves offer enough tactile feeling that it makes doing what I need to do easy. These aren't aviator gloves, but they keep my hands nice and war in the cold while running and gunning... and sitting for hours in the cold waiting to qual with hundreds of other Lieutenants.
Matthew - April 16, 2014

Works pretty well, but...
Rating: 5.0 Stars
This pair of gloves rocks in everything, but I wouldn't recommend you wear these for long exposures in the 10F-32F temperatures for an extended period of time. I wore these while I shoveled my car out of the snow, and after 10 minutes of shoveling my hands were cold.
Rahadian - October 29, 2013

Great gloves
Rating: 5.0 Stars
I've been using these gloves for a few weeks now and, to put it simply, I'm highly impressed. I work outside with a laptop and a camera, so I was looking at two things with gloves: warmth and tactile sensation. These gloves give both. They are warm, form fitting, and allow enough tactile sensation to use a keyboard. Over the past few weeks they have held up perfectly and no sign of seem wear. In addition, they seem to block wind pretty decently as well. These are a good pair of gloves and well worth the money.
Michael - January 17, 2012

By far the best investmet I have ever made
Rating: 5.0 Stars
These gloves are truely the best gloves I have ever purchased. I went hunting a few months back, with temperatures below freezing with even colder wind chills. I kid you not my hands were so warm they were sweating on the inside. Even caring and firing my shot gun, I never once had to put my hands in my pockets. They are without a doubt the only brand of gloves I will ever buy. Even in normal everyday life outside of hunting, they are the gloves to turn to.
Robert - March 15, 2010