Hatch Reactor Hard Knuckle Gloves - Hatch
Hatch Reactor Hard Knuckle Gloves
Average Rating: Average Rating: 2.5 Stars

Strong knuckle power and comfortable foam padding join to make the Hatch Reactor Hard Knuckle Glove perfect for a breaking and raking situation.
User Reviews
Worst Gloves Ever!
Rating: 0.5 Stars
I purchased these gloves for the purpose of posting. Just putting on the gloves made my hands hurt. The best use I got out of them was using them as hands for a snowman!
Anthony - March 18, 2010

Excellent Gloves.
Rating: 5.0 Stars
I love these gloves. They took a little while to break in, but after that they're perfect. The dexterity is pretty good. I can grab my wallet out of my back pocket and take a card out with no problem. They keep your hands cool in the heat and yet keep them warm in chilly weather (though obviously they're not made for -cold- weather). The hard knuckles work great too.. the knuckles slide right on place when you put the glove on. You can punch a rock hard surface pretty hard before you can feel anything at all. I'm in Army ROTC and they have stayed together through training in the woods with no problems. I would definitely recommend these gloves.
Mark - February 19, 2010