5.11 Tactical 8 In. Coyote ATAC Boot w/Side Zipper - 5.11 Tactical
5.11 Tactical 8 In. Coyote ATAC Boot w/Side Zipper
Average Rating: Average Rating: 3.5 Stars

Lightweight, durable comfort on any terrain and optimizes your stability and speed when running off to your next mission.
User Reviews
The best boots ive had in a loooong time
Rating: 5.0 Stars
I bought a pair of ATACs awhile ago, and they have held up amazingly well. I have owned boots made by almost every manufacturer and only two companies stood out remarkably to me, thats the Original SWAT brand boots and the 5.11 brand, even thought I feel the color of these boots more closely resemble a desert tan rather than a coyote color, they are very comfortable and the additional knife/cuff key pocket on the outside of the boot is VERY useful, I keep a SOG flash 1 tucked in there at all times and it doesnt chafe my ankle one bit. I highly recommend these to anyone
Dustin - September 20, 2011

waste of $
Rating: 2.0 Stars
I bought these a year ago,and was impressed at first glance. They're made from very high quality materials,and are amazingly comfortable. However: the chinese construction is terrible! It did'nt even take a week for the liner at the heel to wear away,and the sole around the toe started coming apart shortly after.Great design,decent boots,but not worth $100.The best combat boots on the planet are the Belleville 550ST Marine Corps issue steel toe hot weather boots.Spend the extra $50 and get the real deal.
anthony - July 10, 2009