Condor Double AR/AK Mag Pouch - Condor
Condor Double AR/AK Mag Pouch
Average Rating: Average Rating: 4 Stars

Double reinforced with two snap closures and Velcro, your AR/AK mags aren’t going anywhere until you reach for them.
User Reviews
Good enough for $10.99
Rating: 5.0 Stars
If you're looking for a cheap mag holder for 4 ak mags this is it. Yeah it's a tight fit to snap it but the Velcro runs the length of the flaps and holds it well. This mag pouch I'm using to attach to a ruck sack, not a belt. I would not attach it to a belt or drag on the ground with it, it's not to trust your life with if you don't snap it.
Kelly - September 24, 2011

This item is not for Ak-47!!!
Rating: 5.0 Stars
This item is not for the AK-47, but is fit the AK-74. I got two of them yesterday and they work good. If you looking for a multicam Ak pouches for you AK-74, this will be good to you.
Chris - January 9, 2011

Not bad but room to improve
Rating: 4.0 Stars
I originally ordered this product for AK-47 Mags that I had at the time. When I initially received the product I was pleased to see that the attachment straps on the back went all the way from one side to the other (unlike some of their pouches). This allows for the the pouch to be secured relatively well to your LB system, however not as well as some other brands. As another reviewer mentioned, the fit when using this pouch (and similar ones by Condor) is tight, and not necessarily in a good way. Once you have the mag seated all the way into the pouch it is difficult to get flap to secure as well as you might like. I was able to connect the snaps on all of my pouches but it was very tight and did not completely cover the top of the mag. This is because to get the snap to attach you have to kind of cock the cover to the side along the top of the mag which ends up leaving an opening to the side of the mag. In conclusion, this would not be my first choice to take to war but it works great for airsoft and transporting spare mags. Would I refer this item to a friend? Probably, but ultimately that decision would be based on the desired use of the pouch.
Christopher - April 6, 2010

Not really for the AK Mag
Rating: 2.0 Stars
I ordered 5 of these for my AK 30 rd. magazines and they are to short. I could close the top snap (there are 2-1 high-1 low)on only one of the pouches. I will need to add a new higher male snap to 8 of 10 pockets on the 5 pouches. Also there is only about 1/2 inch of velcro closure ar this point. It also took 12 days and 2 phone calls to even recieve this substandard product. Shop elsewhere and try to stay away from Condor.
Steve - June 26, 2009