XGO Phase 2 FR Balaclava - XGO
XGO Phase 2 FR Balaclava
Average Rating: Average Rating: 3 Stars

Don't dive face first into danger without a XGO Flame-Resistant Balaclava!
User Reviews
Comfortable and Concealing
Rating: 5.0 Stars
This is a very lightweight and comfortable product. Good for concealing your identity or just to keep your face warm.
Sean - February 21, 2009

Bad Dream Seam
Rating: 1.5 Stars
Likes length My other balaclava was too short to tuck in leaving you exposed when you turned your head. Neutral material It is soft but I havent flame tested it. Dislikes seam, the eye opening, color and size The seam sits right on your nose and is very uncomfortable. I cant imagine it would be any better for your forehead under a helmet. The eye opening is too wide. Its like a normal balaclava after someone was wearing goggles with it until the elastic wore out. The word foliage gets thrown around a lot. This color is closer to OD green, too dark to match the new Army and Air Force uniforms. I wear a 7 and a half inch garrison cap when I first put this on it was extremely tight. After trying it on a few more times it loosed up a bit.
thomas - November 15, 2007