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BugBand Towelettes
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These heavy-duty towelettes repel mosquitoes, flies and other insects with the power of Geraniol, a patented, pesticide free ingredient proven to be 100% more effective than products that DEET or Citronella.
User Reviews
Not impressed--burning sensation on skin
Rating: 1.0 Stars
I bought this product to use on a Boy Scout campout with my son in Mississippi in August. I tried placing a towelette on my chest but noticed mosquitoes coming to my face. I applied the towelette to my forehead and immediately experienced a severe burning sensation that lasted 30-45 min despite attempting to wash off. My son related the same experience the next day. I could not evaluate whether the burning sensation was associated with skin redness. Neither of us are likely to use this product again.
John - August 23, 2010

Rating: 5.0 Stars
I absolutely love this product!!!! It's very convenient and safe to use. It does not leave a greasy or sticky residue or irritate the skin and no nasty smell to it. I did an experiment with this product. I used it one night while I was doing yard work and I did not have any bug bites on me. The next night I did not use the product and I had many bug bites on me. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who spends alot of time out doors.
john - May 13, 2010