Ka-Bar Vietnam War Knife - KA-BAR
Ka-Bar Vietnam War Knife
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Decorated with carefully designed blade art meant to honor our Veterans of the Vietnam War.
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Ka-Bar Saves Lives
Rating: 5.0 Stars
While operating in South Vietnam in the late 1960's I was issued my first Ka-Bar fighting Knife. Although it was standard issue for the USMC, our unit used them because of the nature of our missions. It came in handy on several occasions where silence was absolutely necessary in carrying out our missions on recon or search & rescue. The compressed leather grip gave us positive control and the steel blade held an edge for long periods before requiring re-honing. The leather scabbard protected the knife in all weather conditions and didn't make any noise when carried on a pitol belt. I am planning to purchase the commemorative set in the near future as I am an avid hunter and it will compliment my already excellent collection.
Mike - June 23, 2006