Blackhawk CQC Leather Inside Pants Holster - Blackhawk
Blackhawk CQC Leather Inside Pants Holster
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For deep concealment of a secondary weapon, working undercover or just off-duty, this holster is the ideal choice.
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Great holster
Rating: 5.0 Stars
I have this for my Glock 27. I've carried IWB various ways: strong-side hip, support-side crossdraw, behind strong-side hip, and middle-of back. All positions are comfortable, make drawing the weapon very effective, and the holster has never come off my belt (I believe the snap is a 'one-way' type). When I want, the holstered weapon can be unsnapped from my belt, stowed/secured, and placed back on my belt with little effort. Although pricey (what BH item isn't?), it is a great investment. Budget allowing, I plan on getting one of these for every weapon I own.
Patrick - October 13, 2006