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Wiley-X AirRage Climate Control Sunglasses
Average Rating: Average Rating: 4.5 Stars

Climate Control Series glasses seal off your eyes from smoke, sand, and fierce winds.
User Reviews
Rating: 4.0 Stars
i bought these glasses because it stated will fit small frame faces and protect from wind, dust, etc. they must not be for walking around or any activity because the lenses fogged up just walking around the city so much that i had to take off severely affected my vision.
natashia - February 2, 2013

Good Gear
Rating: 5.0 Stars
I've had these glasses for about 2 years. I broke one of the arms...called Wiley X...they sent, FREE, replacements in no time at all. They didn't ask alot of questions...they were professional, pleasant and courteous. I highly recommend Wiley X products!
J.R. - October 31, 2009