S.O.C. 3-Day Pass - S.O.C.
S.O.C. 3-Day Pass
Average Rating: Average Rating: 4.5 Stars

Versatile pack that allows you to stow, organize and transport plenty of gear. Hydration system compatible.
User Reviews
Poor Quality
Rating: 2.5 Stars
This product came with a pocket that had no zipper pull. It was too late to return after waiting months for this made in China crap product as I did not see the defect until I got to Afghanistan. Would not have purchased had I known it was made in China. I cannot believe we are entrusting our troops and folks in a warzone to crap made in China!
Mary - January 31, 2013

STILL can't overload this thing
Rating: 5.0 Stars
Awesome pack for damn near anything you want and need to throw at it or in it. I got mine in black (as I wanted to be able to wear it with civvies while keeping a low non-military profile) for about 50 on sale at the local PX. The toiletries pouch is handy when storing lotion, sunscreen, soap, shaving kit, etc. The main pouch is large enough to fit three sets of ACUs, a pair of boots, a poncho, an ACH and still have room to spare. Front pocket is handy for the quick things like mags, basic medical supplies, etc. When I'm on the line with my guys and I don't want to be lugging around my bulky Blackhawk medic aid bag, this pack comes with me and handles everything with ease. ONLY complaint I have is that there are too few MOLLE straps on the pack. Maybe they can create a flat front so the whole front can have them? Other than that great pack. FYI you can't over-load the zippered pocket just below the velcro space, the zipper won't work, it's for flat things only like maps, small notepads, etc. I'm strongly considering getting the SOC bug out bag for more space and my go-to-hell and TSHTF pack or just another one of these. Great buy!
Michael - August 26, 2012

Rating: 5.0 Stars
I belong to a survivalist group. At a meeting last night I introduced the group to both the SOC 3-Day Pass, and the SOC BOB. Both were a big hit. Everyone was requesting your address for both the packs and the Ontario USAF Pilots SK ! I wished that I had one of these packs in Vietnam, My teams average ammo load was 36 20rd M-16 mags. When I carried the M3A1(.45cal.) the load was even heavier load. These are my pack of choice now. I keep one of each, one in my home, and one in my pickup. Best Regards To All, Song Ben Hai Ma( River Ben Hai Ghost) PS Get the Ontario Pilots SK, and I suggest you carry in reserve one of SEAL Pup...also sold here !
CARL - July 17, 2012

Its Worth All The Money
Rating: 5.0 Stars
This BackPack Is Worth All Of The Money!!!I Used It In My Deployment And Now My Son Has It For High School It Still Has No Tears In It. I Would Highly Reccomend It For ACU Uniforms Because It Is Very Strong I Do Believe Its Water Proof When You Buy It For Army Combat Uniforms. This Is A Very Good Quality Backpack And Its Worth All The Money You Put Into It
Jakob - July 2, 2012

Great Pack
Rating: 5.0 Stars
So far, this is a great pack. Excellent material and nicely constructed. Only issues I see are with a few of the organizational items inside the compartments. One of the mesh items was not stitched all the way around but is still sturdy enough that it should not be an issue. Also, one of the velcro pieces for a organizational insert does not match up with its 'flap' so it does not close properly. Odds are I won't be using that piece, so it should not pose an issue
Kevin - May 5, 2012

USMC Approved
Rating: 5.0 Stars
I bought my pack a few weeks ago and I must say it was everything I expected it to be ... Love the digital desert Camo pattern, I'll be heading to Afghanistan very soon and will be taking this bag with me... Let's hope it works as well as I think it will. Semper Fi ......
jason - April 7, 2012

Very nice
Rating: 5.0 Stars
Got this bag needing something to hold my gear and use for goruck challenge. Very shocked on how much can be packed in the bag. I packed 7 m4 mags in the front compartment, it was tight but got them in. In the main compartment fit my 100L hydration bladder perfectly, my vest, & other gear. I had the other compartments close to full. There are tons of places to pack small objects. Nice padding in the shoulders and back. Also like the clips that snap the shoulder straps closer together making it tight on my upper body, no carabiners needed. Can be a bit heavy, overall this is an amazing ruck. Cannot beat the price of this thing. I plan on using it for hiking with my kids and outings with my baby instead of hauling around a dipper bag, much more manly. lol Get this bag well worth the money, I did my share of research and very happy with what I got. May end up getting another one just to have it.
Bryan - February 19, 2012

Great Bag
Rating: 5.0 Stars
I used to be in the marine corps so when i got out i wanted something that could mimic the durability of a marine corps assault bag. So i tried very much different options and i came across this one, and since i had a discount i used it to buy this bag.. I'll tell you that was the best thing i could of done this bag is AWESOME!! very durable, lots of quality the zippers are not YKK zippers, but they are big enough and wont break Ive been through a lot with this bag and its passed the test. I recommend this bag for everyone especially former military, you cant go wrong with this 3 day Pass bag by SOC... OORAH - Semper Fi
Robert - February 3, 2012

3 Day Pass
Rating: 4.0 Stars
Bag looks great and is well made. I just received it, but plan to put it through its paces.
Marcos - February 2, 2012

Excellent durability and value
Rating: 5.0 Stars
I've had this bag for about a year and am quite pleased with it. I haven't found a singly thing I don't like about it. If fact, even a year in, I'm still amazed at many of the little features that make this a fantastic pack. I got this pack because I do a lot of photography and sometimes have a bunch of heavy, strangely-shaped gear I need to keep protected. Every other bag I've used has fallen apart (usually at the most inopportune time) and this thing had taken everything I've thrown at it and still looks and functions like it just came out of the box. There are five major compartments and two of those have a number of individual pockets (some with zippers or velcro) inside them. This makes organizing items in the bag very simple and keeps small items stowed where you know you can find them. The expandable rear compartment is I've dropped a TON of weight and bulky items into this thing and the zippers are still extremely smooth. All of the seams appear to be as tight as ever. The only thing I might be able to complain about is that it's not entirely waterproof - I've been caught in heavy rain a couple times and had enough water soak through the fabric to damage some books. I'm not going to be too harsh on this though, considering as wet as it was, I might as well have dunked the bag in water. But, it pays to remember to keep items inside the bag wrapped up fi you're going to be in such wet conditions.
Michael - November 20, 2011

S.O.C. great job!
Rating: 5.0 Stars
I bought this bag for my backpacking trip in Vietnam and this thing holds everything you need and more. this thing has so many pockets I'm still trying to find things I can put in it. For everyday use it does it's purpose as well. if you're still thinking about if you should get this bad or not... just do yourself a favor and get it
Tim - October 3, 2011

Great bag for all your IT needs!
Rating: 5.0 Stars
I work in IT as a network engineer so I have a bunch of stuff I like to have with me during my day. Laptop, notebook, pens/pencils, screwdriver, spare cat-5 cables, my USB-Serial adapter and Cisco console cable, flashlight, Leatherman, large ring of keys to open various doors around the company, and so on. I was worried that since there was no laptop sleeve that this bag wouldn't really work out. But by using a laptop sleeve that I had laying around this bag works perfectly. Everything fits in there nicely with much room to spare. The extra room will come in handy the few times each year I need to do some traveling or when I need to carry around a Cisco study guide (or two). Now I do have to say I *just* today received this backpack and only a short while ago moved all my stuff from my old laptop backpack. But I'm quite pleased with the results so far and don't see how the day-to-day use will really change that since I'm going from one backpack to another where the only real differences are the cool looking ACU pattern (I left the Army in 2004 when we still have woodland BDU's) and the new backpack is slightly larger.
David - September 22, 2011

Rating: 5.0 Stars
This bag is simply incredible. Tons of storage space with multiple pockets inside of the second and third compartments. The main compartment is huge and the bag itself is very comfortable. I have the ACU version and the pattern is done very well, unlike other ACU products where it's slightly off coloration. US Cavalry did a wonderful job with delivery as well. Ordered on a Thursday recieved on Saturday of the same week. I'd highly recomend this bag to anyone civilian or military/police.
Anthony - December 11, 2010

Excellent Bag
Rating: 5.0 Stars
What a great bag! Ive had this bag for 4 years and its been through 3 assignments and 5 countries. I use this in my primary duties as well as for personal use and still holds strong to this day. I highly recommend this bag to anyone looking for a strong reliable bag with lots of space. -1C3, USAF
Ryan - September 6, 2010

Great bag.
Rating: 4.0 Stars
Great bag. Large for the money. Strong yet light weight. Tons of space and yet very comfortable. I would recommend this for taking stuff every where.
steven - March 3, 2010

Outstanding bag!!!
Rating: 5.0 Stars
I purchased this bag for my son who is in the Army and so far it has proven to be everything that was described. Its light, well constructed, extremely roomy and has all kinds of storage options. It’s also a very comfortable bag to carry. My son has been putting this bag to good use and would highly recommend it. Thank You!
David - November 25, 2009

Great Pack
Rating: 5.0 Stars
Great smaller pack for carrying to the office and short day trips. Plenty of organizational features in this pack plus room to carry your things. I chose to get this pack because it was smaller and less bulky than my other bugout gear pack and was more convenient for carrying into the office.
Gregory - July 22, 2009

The BEST I have ever had
Rating: 5.0 Stars
I have had a 3 Day Pack for almost 4 years, yes the same one. It has been through two deployments to the Middle East. One of the deployments was running patrol boats so it got a lot of abuse. It is just starting to rip some at the handle on top. Otherwise it is in great shape. It looks a little worn but still holds all my gear and fits in the carry on compartments on airplanes. My son also has one he has used this year for his school books. He carries an average of 30 pounds in it daily and it still looks new. I will buy another if and when I need to replace the one I have.
David - April 29, 2009

Rating: 5.0 Stars
This is hands-down the best backpack I've ever owned! Compresses to a small size for a day hike or expands to hold anything and everything you'll need for days. Has shown itself to be very durable too. If this one ever wears out I'd definitely get another.
Samuel - April 28, 2009

Great pack
Rating: 5.0 Stars
Great pack. I use it all the time. Just make sure not to put too much weight in it or the bottom will bust. I had three of my engineering textbooks, a binder, some notebooks, two calculators, and various school supplies (and some food) in it on a daily basis. After a semester, it finally wore out. I replaced it with the same pack. This one has lasted me a year now and I would happily buy another one again.
David - April 11, 2009

The first pack I ever trusted
Rating: 5.0 Stars
I have taken this pack though hell, and it has NEVER let me down. I have over stuffed this bag with over 5 days of clothing, electronics such as a laptop, a hydration bladder, 4 days of food supplies (bare minimal.. but 3 meals a day) and other misc gear AT THE SAME TIME. The only thing to break on this was a small clip, though I admit that was my fault. (put both feet on the bag, and pulled on the nylon belt as hard as i could.) This is worth the money, trust me.
jon - April 10, 2009

Rating: 5.0 Stars
I ordered this bag and waited for the vendor to deliver it to US Cav. When it arrived I was very impressed with the quality and durability. I plan to deploy overseas with it next year and believe it will withstand all the abuse. Lots of storage options and I have received many compliments on it already. Thanks US Cav!
Douglas - October 1, 2008

Very solid product
Rating: 5.0 Stars
I have had this bag for almost a year to include my 3 month mobilization process, and my current 5 months in country, I use this bag every day to carry all my extra gear. I have loaded it down and stuffed it full. So far it has no ripped seams, no frays, no broke buckles or zippers. I am extremely pleased with this bag, you honestly can not beat the performance for the price.
colin - May 19, 2008

worth the $
Rating: 5.0 Stars
I just received this pack and am amazed with the design and quality. For the inexpensive price tag the quality and features are awesome. This pack should be more $ and also comes with a lifetime guarantee - not bad. Zeman
Peter - October 2, 2007

devans cool
Rating: 5.0 Stars
holds allot of stuff,with is pretty cool if your out for that many days
devan - June 19, 2007

Great pack for price
Rating: 5.0 Stars
I used this for my 2 week annual training and on several trips. It works great and for alot less than some of the other backpacks. Lots of little pockets for my items and expandable for lots of room. Comparable bags are 2 or 3 times as much.
Brent - October 26, 2006