Condor GI Style Nylon Pistol Belt - Condor
Condor GI Style Nylon Pistol Belt
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2.25 in. heavy-gauge nylon webbing belt fits waists up to 46 inches.
User Reviews
Good Belt for the price
Rating: 5.0 Stars
I use this belt when not wearing my vest to hold a buttpack, magazines and knife. I found it to be well worth the money however the keepers don't hold all the time and the buckle has opened on it own on occasion. Overall though, at $6.99 you can't beat the price.
Scott - December 1, 2011

A good belt
Rating: 5.0 Stars
Contrary to the above post, this is a good belt, easy to adjust and wear. First off, there are keepers to keep the adjuster buckles from opening. The belt buckel has never failed for me, and I've packed two canteens, a knife and Buttpack on mine, I've also used Suspenders. So for the price, this is a very good belt, just use some common sence when using it.
James - March 14, 2010

Two flaws limit value of belt
Rating: 2.0 Stars
It is hard to be too critical of a belt that sells at such a low price ($5.99)... however, this belt has two flaws that limited its usefulness to me. I purchased to attach a sheathed knife and a canteen when hiking. I tried to wear the belt relatively tight on the upper hips to add some lower back support. 1) The quick release buckle will often release on its own when relatively tight and under the load of waist expansion... as in when bending over. Was often surprised by the keeper just popping out of the buckle... and having to catch the belt before it fell away. 2) Setting the waist size requires continuous adjustment as the compression latch teeth do not bite into the (somewhat slick)webbing very well... so the web slips under load... causing the belt to expand larger and larger. For function and comfort it was not unusual to need to stop and readjust the belt three times during a day hike. The only way to overcome these problems was to set the belt looser than I found desirable.
John - April 9, 2008