Benchmade 3550 Pardue Knife - Benchmade
Benchmade 3550 Pardue Knife
Average Rating: Average Rating: 5 Stars

Low-profile auto-open folder delivers the edge when you need it. Works well as boot knife or concealed carry.
User Reviews
True Operator
Rating: 5.0 Stars
I have carried this knife for nearly 5 years now and it has been one of the best I have ever owned! This thing has been a screw driver and a pry bar to many times to count. This thing is made like a tank and it keeps a damn good edge too! I would recommend this knife to anyone!
Steve - May 11, 2010

This knife was originally made for Pilots
Rating: 5.0 Stars
This knife was originally made for Pilots. That's the reason why it's made out of all metal is so if a pilot gets into a crash they want it to hold up. Instead of having a synthetic handle that could break, they made it metal so that it wouldn't. You don't want to have to rely on a broken knife.
Thomas - February 23, 2008

Rating: 5.0 Stars
I've own and carried both on and off duty several auto knives. I've carried the benchmade 3550 pardue for approximately two years, its a strog reliable auto with a locking option so that it will never ativate while in your pocket. All in all weight to size rationel its a very well made and reliable knife for both LE & military.
Inv. - September 15, 2007

2 Year Companion & Going Strong
Rating: 5.0 Stars
I have been carrying this knife on and off duty daily for more than 2 years. Still works like new. Just the right size for an unobtrusive pocket knife. The metal handle is something new for me, my other Benchmade knives had synthetic material handles. The all-metal construction makes it a bit heavier than other knives of similar size. But it does not feel heavy in my pocket. I suppose left-handers could use this auto, but it seems best set-up for right-handed use. The auto spring is smooth, snappy and has never failed me.
Randall - March 15, 2006