Blackhawk S.T.R.I.K.E. Commando Recon Chest Harness - Blackhawk
Blackhawk S.T.R.I.K.E. Commando Recon Chest Harness
Average Rating: Average Rating: 4.5 Stars

Cross-back design modular harness allows you to configure pouches as needed for speed, comfort or mission-specific requirements.
User Reviews
'Excellent' - One Year Later
Rating: 5.0 Stars
As the author of the review titled 'Excellent', I can safely say that I was mistaken in my appraisal. A year after making my purchase, I have used this chest rig enough to realize that it is not what I once thought it to be. Pros: -It remains an effective light rig for someone who seeks an alternative to top-of-the-line systems. -Customizable -Can be fitted with a rear plate carrier Cons: -Webbing is not durable: had to replace back strap after it tore on a tree limb. -Coyote tan has too much sheen. It is more visible than comparable colors -Front plate carrier configuration only holds a medium plate - Double webbing setup on the front is not only useless, it gets in the way of attaching PALS gear. Unless you plan on putting ALICE gear on the rig, this is a pain in the rear. -Blackhawk buckles: 1) Are not compatible with other standard Fastex buckles, limiting interoperability. 2) are weak (again, they break with alarming ease) but nonetheless manage to be difficult to open because of bizarre design. 3) have 'Blackhawk' logo embossed on them in bold print -- NOT PROFESSIONAL-LOOKING AT ALL. Bottom line: This chest rig is too expensive to justify it as a cheap alternative to Eagle's Rhodesian rig, but not of high enough quality to justify it as a legitimate competitor. Instead, it remains in the purgatory in between. Not worth the money.
Michael - January 6, 2009

Rating: 4.5 Stars
I bought this chest harness about a month ago, and I have since used it multiple times in operational environments, and all I can say is that I love it! It's an excellent platform for CQB or outdoor combat, and when coupled with the rear plate carrier, it makes a great overall platform. It is very comfortable, and its modularity makes it suitable for a variety of different tasks. My only two complaints are that the PALS webbing that occurs twice in a row instead of once is a bit annoying, and that the middle segment on the lower back strap is a bit too long. Other than those two minor problems, this is a great product that's well worth the price.
Michael - November 9, 2007