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Army Combat Uniform (ACU) Cap
"I ordered a size 71/8 cap, which should be a 22 inch headband. They sent me a cap with a 20 inch headband, which is a size 61/2. ..." Read More »
Boonie Hat (ACU Mil-Spec)
"Although I am in the fashion industry and not the Army, the Boonie hat given to me by my boyfriend is the best gift I have ..." Read More »
Tru-Spec Army Combat Uniform (ACU) Shirt
"Read all the other reviews before buying. Most of the reviews are pretty old (today'date: 4/20/2012) by at least 4 years! I ..." Read More »
Tru-Spec Army Combat Uniform (ACU) Trousers
"These are very comfortable and I would recommend them over any pants with the 65/35 blend as those can be uncomfortable. They fit ..." Read More »
ACUPAT Rank (Single)
ACUPAT Rank (Single)
Avg. Rating: Rating: 4.5 Stars
"I received my rank via mail. I opened the box only to find the rank was much better than what the Army had issued me. Props to ..." Read More »
U.S. Cavalry ACU Name Tapes (Set of 3)
"Love these tapes as the quality is better than that of the military issued I was given when I served. The lettering is much ..." Read More »
U.S. Cavalry ACU Branch Tapes (Set of 3)
"IM in the army and these are much better then what was issue ,just great Army STRONG...." Read More »
Propper Army Combat Uniform (ACU) Shirt
"I have been purchasing these for my son who is in the Army and so far these are great quality ACU’s. He gives them a reasonable ..." Read More »
Propper Army Combat Uniform (ACU) Trousers
"I bought a pair of these pants and the stitching in the crotch ripped out on the first field exercise. What a bummer. I then ..." Read More »
ACU Kevlar MICH Helmet Cover
"This item fits Med - Lrg only. Not Sm or XL..." Read More »
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